Undeniably Audacious Framework (UAF)
Ready to make YOUR mark?

The Undeniably Audacious Formula is the tool to help you position yourself to do just that!

In 90 days or less, you will be able to start delivering on your plan.


Discover Your Mark (DYM) Formula

The discovery process is about getting clear on the mark YOU want to make…not what society tells you…or your family thinks…or your best friend…or even your spouse…but what’s in YOUR heart.

This is not about discovering your passion(s). While your passion(s) are key to the mark you want to make, they are often not the mark itself.

The result of the discovery process is YOUR north star…the highest aspiration(s) for your life and/or career.


Make Your Mark (MYM) Blueprint

With your north star identified, the MYM Blueprint is the perfect tool to design it & develop a plan to achieve it.

Module 1 – Design Your Mark

The Design stage we delve into how you want YOUR mark to look…and feel…and sound…and smell…and where you want to be…and with whom…and when…and so much more.

We use a legacy building approach to help you envision reaching your north star, Making YOUR mark, Living in YOUR mark and Leaving YOUR mark.

This allows us to create a clear vision, a concise mission and awesome visual and audible representations of your mark.

Module 2 – Develop Your MYM Action Plan

The development stage of the MYM Blueprint is even more exciting as you create a comprehensive action plan to achieve YOUR mark!
We work backward from the mark you designed in Module 1 to create a far-reaching package will include flow charts, project plans, contingencies, a decision making framework and much more as all of these are key components of the overall plan.

Upon completing module 2 you will have what to do immediately, what steps to take and in what order…to start to Make YOUR mark.


Audacious Action Takers Community

Now that you’ve discovered YOUR mark, designed it and developed a plan to make it…you are ready to DELIVER on your plan and finish what you started.

The AAT Community is a group of fellow Mark Makers, Significance Seekers and Fulfillment Finders who want to stay connected on their journey.  The UAF formula provides you 90-days in the AAT with 3 30-minute 1:1s with Kim to help you get off to a great start.

If your desire is the rocket, the UAF is the fuel!

With the Undeniably Audacious Framework you have your OWN north star, and the fuel of a plan that can propel you to reach it.
You are ready. You are set. Now is time to go forward with no holds barred.