Seasoned Professionals, are You Ready to Make YOUR Mark?

If You Answer Yes to Any of These Questions…

  • Are you living what most call “the dream life”, yet still wondering if there is more?
  • Do you sometimes think… “Is this ALL there is?”
  • Do you have most of the stuff & things that a lot of us want and work for…but long for significance and fulfillment?
  • Do you long to talk to someone about it but feel like no one around you will understand?
  • Does it seem crazy or embarrassing that you feel this way?

I’ll let you in on a well-known, but little-discussed secret…

YOU are not alone.

The Next Web reports the #1 regret people have on their deathbed is “not having the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

I know that feeling all too well.  I was at the top of my career, basking in all the perks that came with my success.  And yet, I felt there was more.

Over time I learned that the reason I yearned for more was that RESPONSIBILITY…was calling.  What responsibility?  The responsibility to do what Dr. George Washington Carver said…”leave distinct and legitimate reasons for being in the world”…and to make MY mark.

If you are feeling this way… and you yearn for more…responsibility just might be calling you too.

How Do You Answer the Call?

You answer by taking clear, targeted action.

I designed and developed the Undeniably Audacious Framework for powerfully focusing on, and making, YOUR mark.  It consists discovering what mark YOU actually want to make, designing it, developing a plan to achieve it and delivering on the plan.

Not rocket science.

No smoke and mirrors.

No quitting your career and hoping things work out.

We work together to make sure that you are positioned to live YOUR dream, not anyone else’s.

Complimentary 20-Minute Readiness Session

Complimentary 20-Minute Readiness Session

Making YOUR Mark begins with an unwavering decision & commitment. The mindset of a Mark Maker is resolute and cannot be changed. Take the Pre-Session Assessment and spend 20 minutes with Kim reviewing your results to determine your readiness to Make YOUR Mark.


Undeniably Audacious Framework (UAF)

Undeniably Audacious Framework (UAF)

When you are ready to make YOUR mark, Kim Warren-Martin has the formula to follow! Leveraging her own journey and professional skills, the UAF is the tool to help you run off pure gas of a plan, instead of the fumes of mere hope.

It includes a logical approach to creating a comprehensive plan by using her Discover Your Mark Formula & Make Your Mark Blueprint. In 90 days or less, you will have YOUR plan and position yourself to start making YOUR mark.


Extended Support and Accountability

Extended Support and Accountability

YOU must commit to LIVING out your plan in order to make the difference
you desire.  Kim and team can help with accountability and reminders and follow-ups…But YOU must do the work of making your mark.

Extend your AAT Community membership for 3, 6 or 9 months to continue participating in bi-weekly group meetings and coaching plus monthly 30-minute one-on-one sessions with Kim.




Encourager, listener, advisor. Compassionate, insightful, inspirational. Kim is all these things and more. Out of her pain came the power to help others push past theirs. She’s personally walked the road to recovery and sincerely desires to help others overcome the effects of trauma and fear”

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